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Adani Foundation…Reducing Drudgery of Women

Satyakala Nandram Pardhi comes from Chirekhani village of Gondia district, Maharahstra . She has been staying in the village since the time she got married, some 25 years ago. Like most women in our society,she is also responsible for a number of roles in the family. Starting from cooking, cleaning to other household chores, she has to be at their toes from dawn to dusk. Having a family of five, Satyakala Tai manages her daily activities on her own, which involves cooking as a major part of it. In the absence of any other alternative, most of the cooking, till Adani Foundation intervened, was earlier done using firewood.

My hands don’t look dirty anymore. Thanks to Adani Foundation for coming up with such noble initiatives.
-Satyakala Nandram Pardhi

“It was so difficult to cook using the smoked chullas” said Satya Tai emphasizing on the inconvenience. She continued, “Not only using smoked chullas created a lot of smoke and dirt, it also increased the work load. After a day full of hard work, I used to get so tired that I never had a chance to talk to my children about their school and studies”

Adani foundation with its holistic understanding of people’s needs was successful in coming up with an initiative around the construction of biogas plants focusing mainly on reducing women’s overall work load.

The fact that biogas as a product has multiple usage further added value to the entire idea. Once the intervention was right in place, Satyakala Tai took up the opportunity and agreed to the installation of the biogas unit in her house. It reduced the toil that she had to go through on a daily basis and made cooking a hassle free activity for her.

“And you know the best part; I can call the plant to be my own. I don’t have to ask anyone before using it. It gives me a huge sense of pride at times", said Satyakala Tai with a sparkle in her eyes.

Reducing her work load not only allowed her to spend more time with her family but also gave her a chance to participate in various activities at the community level. The intervention in terms of the biogas plants in a way helped her regain that sense of solidarity and sisterhood. The initiative more than anything else enhanced her sense of womanhood. “My hands don’t look dirty anymore. Thanks to the Foundation for coming up with such noble initiatives,” said Satyakala Pardhi while chattering away with her friend.

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