• Fisherfolk Communities

Fisher-folk Communities

Amenities like equipment support, sanitation facilities, approach roads, fish lending sheds, fisher-folk vasahats (Settlements); training for livelihood and insurance programme etc are being provided by Adani Foundation to the fisher-folk communities. Support of up to Rs. 10,000 is also given to help them purchase various fishing equipments like nets, cycles, iceboxes, anchors and weighing scales. As one of the unique endeavors for generating alternative livelihood during the off season, mangrove plantation has been initiated which is helping of fisher folk families economically. 

Further, to cover the risks faced by the fisher folk communities, and to ensure that their livelihoods are secured, a life insurance protection “Janashree Bima Yojana” is provided to the fisher-folk community by the Foundation. The insurance cover is available to below or marginally above poverty line families in the age group of 18- 59. Insurance premium of Rs. 200 per annum is shared equally between the Government and the Foundation with 50:50 ratio. The insurance company compensates the insured person as under- 1. Rs.30,000 in case of natural death; 2. Rs. 75,000 in case of accidental death and; 3. Rs. 37,500 in case of disablement. Scholarship of Rs. 1200 per annum for up to two children studying in standard 9th to 12th and ITI of insured person is also provided.


Machhimar Sadhan Sahay Yojana


Under the umbrella of the yojana, fishing nets have been provided on regular basis to the fisherfolk communities. Further, fish market has also been designed and constructed to hold 40 platforms for selling purpose. At present, there are 6 big shops with shed and one sanitation room with toilet facilities. The idea is to provide an appropriate space for sale of fish which would eventually result in fetching a good price.


Machhimar Ajivika Uparjan Yojana


Mangrove plantation was initially introduced as an alternative source for income generation for fisher-folk communities. The programme has proven to be a boon for the fisherfolk community at Mundra, Gujarat. It is now regularly been carried out during seasons when fishing is banned by the authorities due to turbulent sea and for fish breeding season which is termed as 'off season' in the fishing community.


Machhimar Kaushalya Vardhan Yojana


With an objective to impart technical skills to fisher-folk and to resolve employment issues during off season, various training programmes for the youth have been initiated by the Foundation. A total of 115 youth have taken IT-Basic Computer training at Juna Bandar, Luni and Navinal & Zarpara. A new Centre for computer training has also been started in Zarpara. 

Other Sustainable Livelihood initiatives

Farmers/ Agriculturists

Prosperours Farmers, Happy Nation. Various projects to increase farm yield and improve quality of life for farmers.

Animal Husbandry

Livestock farming made simpler with health camps for cattle, feed and training for better livestock management.

Self Help Groups (SHGs)

Promote, nurture and capacitate a number of Self Help Groups for Women/Youth/Senior citizen.

Biogas Construction Programme

Adani Foundation with its holistic understanding of people’s needs has been successful in coming up with the construction of biogas plants focusing mainly on reducing women’s overall work load.


SAKSHAM focuses on having 10 State-of-the-Art Adani Skill Development Centres across India to conduct placement linked training program for at least 40,000 youth per year.

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